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Fri Feb 26 2021 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

For this blog I've used the @11ty static site generator. I've heard great things about it, mostly on and was excited to try it out. It was fairly easy to get up and running, but wasn't the thirty minutes the clickbaitish youtube titles claimed. I would recommend that you check out the this article by Koa Brook: . As part of using eleventy I tried out the Nunjucks templating language which seems to be a favourite of the @11ty community. It is an interesting experience as my first templating language, and its neat to see the bonus powers Nunjucks has, beyond putting your content on the page. While I did use tutorials quite heavily on this project @11ty is a fairly straightforward technology, so I feel I can comfortably getting my hands dirty when I feel the need.

Content management and hosting are by Netlify, another ShopTalk Show recommendation. As a beginner, I've found Netlify's hosting/DNS services very intuitive. There are lots good articles n them and Netlify provides fairly good information as well. For CMS integration I also referred to the article referenced above. Learning to work in .yml has been fun. At some point I will be adding more post types . . . maybe some cross-posting to--not from--twitter.

If you have any ideas for this blog or comments on it, I'd love to hear from you at Also, if you'd like any help setting something similar up, I'd be glad to walk you through it.