ScriboI Write

Veiled Not Crushed

Sun Aug 15 2021 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Nature is hidden; not broke.

Though rough the work of man's hand,

Her beauty was never choked,

E'en in this; my fruitful homeland.

Though crops grow and cattle graze,

Stop a sec, and you'll soon see

Nature's charms are still a-blaze.

In every nook, yea on his wall,

A careful man will see them all,

Nature's brood, great and small.

Strong trees cover and flowers dot,

The dusty lanes that we made.

And though we like them not,

Ornate bugs crawl on every grassy blade.

In brook and field and hedge and barn,

Nature's magic is working still,

Yet hidden by the toils of man.

So when man's ways are wearing you down.

And man's works are holding you captive,

Let Nature lift your frown.

You needn't flee to untouched ground,

You needn't traverse the azure waves,

Just beyond your doorstep Nature's beauties abound .